Children’s Toys, Limit: $1

Thrifting is not all fun and games…except of course when it is about fun and games–which is why this week’s challenge is all about vintage toys.

Item 1: Red Rose Wade Whimsie

  • Denise’s Price: $.50 for nine figurines
  • Retail Price: $94.97
  • Source: Re-use Quesnel


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Denise’s Story:

Red Rose included these George Wade Pottery miniatures with their tea starting in 1967. I remember playing with them as a child. Like many things from back then, no one thought they would become collectible and it’s just another thing in a long list that my parents threw out. Who knew?! I was lucky to get 19 from my grandmother and I found these in my all-time favourite thrift store, the Re-use in Quesnel.

Next to visiting my mum, it is the highlight of my trips to Quesnel. It’s the type of small town place where they are very welcoming, they chat with you, mock your purchases (that would be Robert) and make it a fun experience. Shirley, a really sweet woman, donated these. Apparently the frog and 3 bears with the recessed bottom and signed “Wade” are worth more. This collection includes: Jill came tumbling down; Little Jack Horner; the woman who lived in a shoe as well as a bootless and legless  Puss in Boots which I didn’t notice until now. These plus the ones from my grandmother live in the kitchen above one of my other favourite things and act as a deterrent (see picture).

Item 2: 1970s Fisher Price Pop-Up-Pal Chime Phone

  • Jackie’s Price: $.75
  • Retail Price: $30
  • Source: Coquitlam Garage Sale


​Jackie’s Story:

A girl trapped in the world of her phone, a smaller version of the device permanently attached to her hand.

Some people call this a toy, I call it a bloody prophecy.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Denise Alexander says:

    OK so had to vote for the colourful phone. It called to me. 🙂


  2. jackie Amsden says:

    Nice Pun Denise!! You are as clever as you are wise.


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