Canadian Kitchen, Limit $15

Forget Prime Ministers, the most exciting pieces of Canadian history are the ones sitting on your grandmother’s lino. Today’s challenge is all about our nation’s fabulous vintage past.

Item 1: Vintage Medalta Potteries Imperial 4 Crock (1924 – 54)

  • Denise’s Price:  $15
  • Retail Price: $50 – 100
  • Source: Garage sale


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Denise’s Story:

Another little piece of Canadiana for my home! Medalta Pottery was based in Medicine Hat, Alberta, where there was an abundance of red clay along the South Saskatchewan River. These crocks were used for making pickles, sauerkraut, wine and more but I use them for storage, plant pots and decoration. I would love to have one full of chocolates but I would be constantly refilling it not to mention the weight gain, teeth falling out and fighting with my children over it.


I’ve been lucky to find 6 Medalta crocks ranging from $1 up to $20 for a 5 imperial.  I had seen this 4 imperial crock in the craigslist garage sale ad and told Jackie I had to be at there right at the start time of 10:00 am so I wouldn’t miss out on it.  Of course, Jackie did her best to sabotage me including my having to double back to find her. When I arrived at 9:55, masses of people were walking out of the yard and all of them were carrying purchases. Only true thrifters or hoarders can relate to the anxiety I started to feel.  I couldn’t see anyone with the crock but I started mentally preparing myself for it to be gone.  “If it’s not there, it wasn’t meant to be,” I told myself, trying to actually believe it. Sigh of relief – it was still there! The adrenaline was surging through me and I tried to act casual by asking if they would accept less than the $20 price on it, as if I had to think it over. It was mine for $15!

My newest addition, the 4 imperial would have been made between 1924 – 54 so I’m only about 93 years into the warranty.  2,907 more years to go!


Set 2: Faux Wood Sugar Canister and Brass Napkin Holder


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 Jackie’s Story:

Excuse me!? Have I just been accused of sabotage! What a crock!

(Oh thank god that’s out. I’ve been waiting for nearly 36 hours to use that pun).

But seriously, why would I bother trying to get between Denise and her prairie mud pot when I have not one but two SUPER AWESOME containers on my side of the ring.

First up: a 1950s vintage sugar canister by Canada’s A.R. Lite Company. Though this originally would have been accompanied by tea, flour, bread, and coffee canisters I am glad mine was being sold separately because as cute as they are I really don’t have the counter space for the whole family (you should see the bread box, it’s as big as a bread box). However, I have been looking for somewhere to store my coffee beans and the sugar canister is the perfect shape. Bonus: the fact that it is labeled sugar but actually contains coffee makes me feel like an ironic 20-something hipster.

And it doesn’t end there! My entry this week also includes a lovely brass napkin holder by Fantasy Canada (likely in the 1970s based on it’s appearance). Of course, since I rarely ever have napkins in my home (in the era of paper towels, napkins are basically the equivalent of the dot matrix printer), I put it to another use.

FullSizeRender (33)

Which now that I think about, is probably exactly what a hipster would do. So not only are these Canadian containers cute as can be, but they just took 10 years off my life.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Denise Alexander says:

    Love that you girls are buying Canadiana. Good job to both of you.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. jackie Amsden says:

      We are good girls…some of the time.


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