Canadian Pottery, Limit $6

Serious thrifters need to know their stuff, which is why this week’s challenge is all about the gorgeous history of some gorgeous pieces.

Past Challenge: Porcelain Collectibles for $10

It may look like an endless parade of good times and garage sales, but don’t be fooled. Thrifting can be a dangerous mistress and this week’s challenge is all about our struggles against the dark side…

Past Challenge: Collectibles, Limit $20

Some people eat their cheesecake off boring old Ikea plates. Worse yet, others store their jewellery in things like actual jewellery boxes. For those of us that demand more out of life, we bring you this week’s challenge, featuring only the most fabulous forms of everyday receptacles.

Shiny Red Things, Limit $25

Like Spanish bulls and vampires, we often find ourselves drawn to red things. So what better way to express our love of crimson than with this week’s challenge!

Collectibles, Limit $2

Gollum isn’t the only with something precious. Check out this week’s selection of things that make our hearts throb (but hopefully don’t cost us a finger in the process).